Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mud + Water: He is Risen

This Holy week we remember the weight of sin. We remember the one who took it all to the grave, and rose again. And now, we celebrate the weight of Glory. Thanks be to God, all honor and praise!

The Dark Guest by Jon Bloom

O Lord,
Bend my hands and cut them off,
for I have often struck thee with a wayward will,
when these fingers should embrace thee by faith.
I am not yet weaned from all created glory,
honour, wisdom, and esteem of others,
for I have a secret motive to eye my name in all I do.
Let me not only speak the word sin,
but see the thing itself.
Give me to view a discovered sinfulness,
to know that though my sins are crucified
they are never wholly mortified.
Hatred, malice, ill-will,
vain-glory that hungers for and hunts after
man's approval and applause,
all are crucified, forgiven,
but they rise again in my sinful heart.
O my crucified but never wholly mortified sinfulness!

O my life-long damage and daily shame!

O my indwelling and besetting sins!

O the tormenting slavery of a sinful heart!
Destroy, O God, the dark guest within
whose hidden presence makes my life a hell.
Yet thou hast not left me here without grace;
The cross still stands and meets my needs
in the deepest straits of the soul.
I thank thee that my remembrance of it
is like David's sight of Goliath's sword
which preached forth thy deliverance.
The memory of my great sins,
my many temptations, my falls,
bring afresh into my mind the remembrance
of thy great help, of thy support from heaven,
of the great grace that saved such a wretch as I am.
There is no treasure so wonderful
as that continuous experience of thy grace
toward me which alone can subdue the risings of sin within:
Give me more of it.

"But the proclamation of Easter Day is that all is well. And as a Christian, I say this not with the easy optimism of one who has never known a time when all was not well but as one who has faced the Cross in all its obscenity as well as in all its glory, who has known one way or another what it is like to live separated from God. In the end, his will, not ours, is done. Love is the victor. Death is not the end. The end is life. His life and our lives through him, in him. Existence has greater depths of beauty, mystery, and benediction than the wildest visionary has ever dared to dream. Christ our Lord has risen."
- Frederick Buechner, The Magnificent Defeat


  1. Amen!
    May you and your family have a blessed Easter.

  2. Love this quote! I am so glad you stopped by Behind the Gate to give me an opportunity to meet you. I will stop by again soon.

  3. His grace is all that is sufficient... AND His mercy and love and kindness... forever and ever. Goes on and on. I'm one grateful woman!

  4. Thank youu! And yes, His mercy is so sweet. Glad to ponder His goodness with the blogging women Christian community.


"Pleasant words are [like] honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones." Proverbs 16:24