Wednesday, May 16, 2012

baskets and kites and frames, Oh My!

I am convinced that the ocean inspires creativity.

My father finds an old photo album in the garage from his mid 20s. The pictures are yellowed and the plastic is torn, but the Montana badlands look more breath-taking than ever. He tells me about his dog, Seven (who he got on 7-7-77), his neighbors in the small white house who don't use soap to clean their frying pans - the man with the beard who was the artist and the wife who was so, so beautiful, and how they moved to Israel with their daughter. He told me about the people in the pictures, and I saw the ones of my mom drinking Irish coffee in her flight attendant outfit, and her sister on that bike... and I knew they couldn't stay in boxes anymore. 

Thus began my pinteresting crafts... :)

handmade photo frame materials:
thrift frame
sandpaper for distressing
nails & hammer 
silver wire
mini clothes pins
beautiful photos

I'm working on another one with hemp instead of wire, and a brown frame.. :)

homemade kite materials:
2 wooden dowels
large piece of paper or fabric
lightweight string, twine, or fishing line
craft knife

pretty basket materials:
green paint
hot glue gun
paper flower


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