Monday, November 4, 2013


Here it is, folks... my favorite time of the year. November is full of thanks and giving, birthdays and - this year - the birth of my new nephew. We're absolutely on cloud nine waiting for him to come. Since October came and went so fast, I thought I might share a few things I'm currently loving:
  • Living around the block from The Rifle Paper Co.
  • Journaling my heart out and writing fun hand-written notes (because of Rifle)
  • A Thousand Mornings by Mary Oliver
  • Watching classic movies. 
  • Learning my passions and inspirations via the blogging world.
It's true; living next to Rifle is dangerous and fun, but mostly, it's helped me be a little more creative. Mary Oliver's words are ten times better on an airplane, and A finally decided enough was enough after talking about how much I live under a rock when it comes to movies. He made me a movie list, and so far I have LOVED watching all of the Star Wars movies, The Big Lebowski and the Matrix -- all for the first time. I'm learning what I'm passionate about and what I want to learn more about through my obsession with Feedly... browsing blog after blog from writers I admire in the online community. After categorizing my favorite blogs on Feedly, it's fun to recognize where my heart is or what interests me: The Christian faith, marriage, writing, design, foster care (one day) and health + fitness. It's also fun to live vicariously through others on Feedly, like through my sub group: The van life, which is full of outdoor enthusiasts traveling America in their vans. It really makes me want to buy a VW vanagon, y'all. So anyway, November is already full of dreaming and that's how we like it over here. What's on your "currently" list?

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