Friday, December 16, 2011

Meowrry Christmas

A bit of advice: don't try to put a Santa outfit on a cat when a dog is running loose in the yard.

Our first Christmas together as the Turbevilles... and of course it is a Meowrry Christmas!

Can't you see their sheer joy and excitement?! We couldn't resist! 

One more off of the Life List: Send Christmas Cards

Sometimes the best moments are the imperfect ones; the process is the most honest...

Take 1:
Take 2:
Take 3:
Take 4:
Take 5:
Take 6:

We like to embrace imperfection. Finally, our 2011 Christmas Card!


  1. Super-cute, Mollie! I love it!

  2. Oh, my goodness! I love your Christmas pictures and card, Mollie! Hi! My name is Ann and I came across your blog through (in)Courage. Looks like you and your hubby are the kind of people that like to have fun! I read that you plan on moving soon. I will be praying that the transition will go smooth and you will adjust quickly to your new home. I too, may be moving, not right away and not as far from our current home in Indiana, though. Feel free to check out my blog, too.
    In His Love,


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