Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why I think a cup of Coffee can stir a spirit-filled life

 Why I think a cup of coffee can stir a spirit-filled life

What is it about drinking coffee in our culture that truly brings people together? So many of the conversations of our relationships seem to go like this: 
Need to talk? Let's grab a cup of coffee..
Having a bad day? Let's grab a cup of coffee..
Want to get to know me? Let's grab a cup of coffee..
Need some time to slow down? Let's grab a cup of coffee..
and so on and so on. When it comes to social media, everywhere I turn I see a bible near a coffee mug, I read Christian blogs encouraging readers to "grab a cup of coffee and stay a while" or writers describing the "freshly brewed life"  or how to "keep faith hot and fresh in the every day grind" and "serving up shots of spirit led encouragement" and "your daily cup" and "cup of comfort" and being a part of a group of "freshly blended women of faith sharing the aroma of Christ."

Maybe it's because I was a barista and love everything about coffee and the skill and art of creating different coffee drinks, but I think there is something more that strongly correlates to the art of walking by faith and the process of grinding out our lives to produce a cup overflowing. Moving to a new city is like an invitation to drink coffee endlessly with people you don't know but want to get to know by "grabbing a cup of coffee." Trust me friends, this "coffee theme" runs deeply in my current stage of life.

Here are three ways I believe coffee can stir a spirit-filled life:

1. drinking a cup of coffee can translate to a warm invitation or welcome to a conversational atmosphere, drawing in a time of fellowship. It also draws in a time of reflection and quiet.
2. The majority of people who grab a cup of coffee are relational and listeners. Coffee lovers love coffee shops because of the conversation and the sounds that fill the place; the drowning out of the coffee grinder and the perfect pitch of steaming milk is music to a coffee lover's ears. You can enjoy words of encouragement along with solitude in this place.
3. When we combine a cup of coffee with God's word, it makes sense that we would feel a stirring in our hearts and joining in fellowship; inviting a conversational time and a time of listening and prayer with a relational God, and in those moments, we are able to sit in a quiet space, and slow our time. 

You may be thinking, "coffee? An aid to a spirit-filled life? what silly madness!" and yes, it is true that when it comes down to it, coffee is just coffee (and even for me to say this, it's a big deal). But the next time you pour a cup, think on how it may stir your heart to come to the Father, ready to listen, and really to enjoy an overflowing cup. Think on how we are to share the aroma of Christ when you are pouring your milk & sugar, think on how we are called to come to him in full surrender, ready to be molded in his hands as your coffee brews. Our lives are filled with everyday moments and mundane routines that can truly reflect glory and serve as little reminders of heart transformation.


  1. Great post! I'll take any excuse to grab a cup of coffee with someone - this will be added to my list :).

  2. I love the idea that we can slow down and experience God in the everyday details of life. Great post!
    And thank you so much your kind comment over at my blog :)

  3. GREAT post! (I found you via incourage!) :)

  4. Number one makes me remember the funny things at the office pantry. Getting a cup of coffee in the morning would allow us to crack jokes to one another and lift our morale that always having a nice cup eventually became a hobby.

    Robert Mahan

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  6. Good post to the glory of the King Eternal.
    I found this by googling "Is it okay for spirit filled christians to drink coffee".



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