Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sisters and spaces

I hope your weekend was fantastic, and that you were able to rest and rejoice this Easter Sunday! This past week, I have been stuffing my face with delicious food, shopping, and laughing until my sides hurt with my twin sister. A has been traveling for about a month now (still in Abilene), so I was incredibly grateful to have her for her Spring Break. I did get to see the hubby for a short while this weekend. Hey, I'll take what I can get.

Hannah and I watched embarrassing 90s TV shows, went shopping, ate tons of FROYO, and attempted to stay active -- she ran/exercised the whole week -- let's just say I lived vicariously through her ;). It was so good to see her and spend time talking to someone other than my dog late at night (ha). 

I am also thrilled to announce that I am starting my full-time job tomorrow as a copywriter! I was doing some contract work for the company for a while now and I cannot wait to officially join the team. I've been overwhelmed with joy at this opportunity... I get to write and work from home! I really feel blessed to see God's provision in the whole process. 

In honor of my new writing job, enjoy the cheesy/awesome pictures of adorable, home office Pinterest finds :). 

-- so cute, right? I plan to decorate and organize a sweet space in my casa. Cheers, friends! xo

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  1. I just found your blog via BBN, and I have to say, it is just perfect!


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