Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How a Fall-Weather-Loving Girl Deals With September in Florida

It's that time of year again. Let me explain something: I love fall weather. I love the boots, the trees, the colors - everything. Seriously, give me a pumpkin spice latte and a scarf and I'm one happy girl. Last year it hit me full force and I wasn't prepared: Fall in Houston. The leaves don't change and the days are long and hot well into October (and sometimes November). And now here we are in Florida, a little less hopeful for orange leaves on the ground, but a little more hopeful for a new "season" in a new place, even if we don't get seasons in the traditional sense. 

Even though I really love Winter Park so far, I can't help but shake the "fall weather blues" - especially when I hear about my friends in Raleigh or in the mountains and their beautiful start to autumn, my favorite season. So to recreate the warmth we miss during such a cozy season, we're settling into September with the hope of tricking the senses a little bit. Even though it's still 90 degrees where we are, I see pumpkins in our future - pumpkin lattes, pumpkin ales, pumpkin muffins.. pumpkin fall-scented candles (okay, this might be a little much). 

We're also spending our days by the water. In Orlando, there are lakes everywhere. Aaron and I have found that it feels so much cooler outside in the shade by the lake at the dog park than anywhere else because we can catch the breeze and focus on something other than sweating. We also plan to enjoy the perks of an eternal summer, which is the best way to cope. We'll make fall recipes like roasted butternut squash or pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. We'll savor golden beaches and drink iced coffee - crazy as it may be. Even though our soul's ache for that crisp mountain air, there's so much to be thankful for in the sunshine state. To make the coming months cozy and warm, we plan to spend time with good friends and family. We're traveling to North Carolina for our dear friends' wedding in October and we've got a couple of other plans brewing. 

I'm hoping your fall "kicks in" with a fresh start, and that you're able to enjoy this sweet season, whatever it may bring. If you live in a particularly warm place and have some advice for fall-withdrawal-syndrome, I'd love to hear how you settle in. 


  1. Oh boy. Maybe I can mail you down some autumn leaves - would that help? :P Autumn is my favourite season, and I would be beside myself if I had to miss out on it, BUT I think you should be able to sufficiently create the atmosphere by lugging out the cable-knit throws, drawing the curtains more often, getting some softer light bulbs, and cozying up with something pumpkin flavoured! Good luck :)

    1. Ashley, what great advice! I know, I covet those autumn leaves... there is just something so great about Fall weather. But seriously, love your suggestions. Thanks for stopping by!


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