Monday, June 25, 2012

Dear Houston: Let's grow these roots

Dear Houston,

we're starting to get settled here in this old house. We tried that gourmet hot dog food truck and we replaced those dead plants with new ones... we're learning the roads and taking phone numbers at the dog park. A little at a time.. a little at a time..
   my shmexy husband building a gate, no big deal..and my momma telling him what to do :)

   new soil = new house

our porch... couldn't have done it without my mom. The porch is definitely run down, and the boards  are rotting... but we got an outdoor rug, some flowers and pillows to add color, and I think it ended up looking pretty great! My mom had the vision for it all - she has always worked hard on the things we often overlook or put on the back burner and she makes it beautiful :) Thanks mom!

I found these three photos about a month ago in my dad's old albums. They are beautiful - the first one is of a neighbor family from his Montana days, the middle one is him and his friend on a train, and the third is a photo he took of a homeless man next to a business man. We adore these pictures!

Getting Pinteresting y'all

Lizards everywhere!

our neighbor's cool, modern house

... and their super cool bench

another really artsy house in our neighborhood... the most BEAUTIFUL streetlight ever

our street has the prettiest trees :)

Sorry Robert Frost, but good fences really do make good neighbors....sometimes. :)

The Houston Heights Neighborhood Library!! I will be spending a LOT of time here..

more pictures to come!

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