Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tiny Kitchens (And Tiny Houses)

Some of you may know this about me, but I've recently been obsessing over tiny houses and love to see innovative, small kitchens. Aaron has always been intrigued by the idea of living unconventionally and minimally on what you need, but only recently has this tiny living concept caught my interest. We're enthralled by the simplistic, minimalist lifestyle that refuses to go along with the pulse of our consumerist-driven culture, which is that more possessions will make you happy. In fact, the idea that we can live on less has been freeing in a lot of ways, although we haven't abandoned our home and television just yet :). We're not running toward a tiny house on wheels just yet, especially not with our three animals (yikes!) but it has been eye opening to learn about these incredible tiny dwellers and how their decisions to live smaller have allowed them to live more abundantly and help the environment. When we moved from Houston to Orlando, we were actually excited to try and squeeze all of our belongings into a 900 sq. ft. home -- and to most tiny dwellers, even 900 sq. ft is too uncomfortably roomy! But we're happy to get rid of some of the excess, nonetheless. 

While we love living a tad smaller, it's definitely a challenge to try to work around a tiny kitchen. Until we have our own place (we're currently renting) there is not much we can do other than the magnetic knife-holders and a lot of hooks and organizers; but we've made it work and love our little kitchen. We may get a small island from IKEA, but we're not sure just yet if there is room. Aaron will be building us a kitchen nook table in the near future, so I'll keep you posted on that DIY project. But in the mean time, check out Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and watch the teaser to the Tiny documentary below. I'm betting I can make a believer out of you (or you may just think I am crazy, and that's OK). Since I have (obviously) been pinning adorably tiny and quaint kitchens on Pinterest, here are some of my favorite finds. If you have any amazing organizational tips for small kitchens, don't leave a sister hangin.' I am not a type A person, and organization scares me, y'all -- it's kind of my downfall and why I am just a "closet minimalist." :) But hey, I'm trying. 

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