Friday, November 8, 2013

Adventures at the Dog Park

TGIF, guys! This Sunday afternoon my lovely dog and I will be traveling to North Carolina to visit my sister for a week. Aaron is doing some traveling so I spontaneously decided to make a trip for me, too.  I'm not psyched about driving the whole way by myself, but I have an excellent travel companion. :) Because I'll be a zombie in the car for 10 hours (OK - let's hope I'm a little more attentive than a zombie...) I plan to spend my Saturday reading, writing, doing an embarrassingly large load of laundry and hopefully not too much else. There are a lot of changes in my future, so I'm trying to slow life down just a bit in the mean time. 
I just smiled thinking about my efforts to "slow life down," because as I write these words, a sleeping hound dog is curled by my side. Life was far from slow today when I tried to include her on my run for the first time ever. Yikes. This dog was meant to run, y'all. But apparently she was also meant to sniff every bush she walks by. Let's just say the run was not as peaceful as it could have been (and that I almost died a few times from this insanely awkward and clumsy pup!) Even though she has no intentions of slowing life down out in the world, we love this crazy mutt. We've been extra nostalgic lately of our sweet pup and how she has changed our lives for the better. In honor of Zoey's 2nd birthday a few days ago, enjoy these hilarious photos I snatched at the dog park.


  1. Great shots! Dogs playing = lots of great, hilarious photos. Zoey looks like she had a wonderful time!

    1. Thanks Abby! Oh she LOVES her friends at the dog park. :)

  2. Love your photos & what an amazing dog park!! I don't think we have one near a lake in Northern California

    atelier zozo


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