Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dreams of Pinehurst

Today, I look outside of my sister's house and see leaves covering the ground, crisp North Carolina air and a fresh cup of coffee in my hands. I am flooded with blessings, and my heart is full because I know just how rich it is to be given plenty of time to rest and count quiet days. Two sleepy dogs rest beside me, and I know in this moment that He is faithful even when I am not. 

It's a strange feeling to be given so much free time, to be honest. It feels a little awkward, but in the best way. I'm not embarrassed to tell you I spent about five minutes this morning listening to early Jazz and dancing in my pajamas facing Hannah's sliding glass door. I couldn't stop those dogs' tails from wagging even if I wanted to; I think they liked that I looked like I was going a little bit crazy. 

A few days ago I decided that I needed to scale back my full-time job to a part-time gig for a few reasons. It was difficult and I didn't want to admit that I needed this, but I definitely did and I'm so glad this transition is happening. I'm already beginning to sense fear of the unknown surfacing a little bit, but I think it's good for me. The timing is perfect too; I am currently in Pinehurst with my sister this week and will be in Charlotte next week to see our sweet nephew, Ezra James, for the first time. We are beyond blessed and cannot wait to snuggle baby E with lots of love! I was a little nervous about all of our traveling in November and December, but - thankfully - I think it's going to be more low-key than I anticipated. 

It's strange being in Pinehurst. When I walk past a street sign I get flashbacks of swimming pools that aren't there anymore, trick-or-treating in dark streets, selling the newspaper on the corner of my dad's office and eating messy ice cream cones (unsuccessfully, because of my rubber band braces). It's astounding to think about the years I spent here and how the smallest moments can come flooding back to your mind. There are new traffic circles, buildings and restaurants, and in a way, I feel like a time traveler. All of this nostalgia makes me feel warm and a little sad at the same time. 

More than anything though, I am reminded that I had a pretty damn good childhood. I think the reason it's so surreal to be back here is because my parents moved when I was in college, and I really haven't been back much since. Pinehurst will forever be like this strange, far away dream for me... but I think of it fondly. :) Anyway, I hope your week is full of rest, a little bit of pajama-dancing and recognizing the rich blessings in your life. 

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