Friday, November 15, 2013

Love for the East End Market

One of my favorite discoveries since our move to Orlando has been the East End Market in Audubon Park -- a neighborhood market and cultural food hub inspired by Central Florida's local farmers and food artisans. Not only does the East End Market serve as a place of commerce, it also serves as a thriving community dedicated to educating local Floridians on how to engage with the food system, the local economy and how to better understand the significance of their relationship with food. 

The independently-owned businesses also make great use out of the working market garden, cultivating not only the local food and culture, but a shared space for creativity and collaboration.The Audubon Park Garden District of Orlando is certainly a hoppin' place, full of incredible entrepreneurs, tradespeople, artists and chefs. Aaron and I are crushing hard on this place and its vision to flourish a vibrant food culture as the center of community life. 

When we visited for the first time, we were thrilled to try Lineage, a fairly new roasting company aiming to change the world of craft coffee, one cup at a time. Their coffee was EXCELLENT; I've had dreams about it ever since. (Those natural blueberry flavors, gah!) But really, if you are ever in the neighborhood and don't stop for a dreamy pour over, you should be slapped silly -- it's that good. 

We also had fun dabbling in Porch Therapy, a lovely biz that sells decorative plants among other sweet finds, and we ended up buying a beautiful succulent plant (what else?) that looks like it was made for our book shelf. All in all, it was a successful trip to the Market -- although, I am not walking out of there again without some cheese and wine, that is for sure. 

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